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Makana Skincare

Tropical Flower

This stuff is a miracle, I love it so much!  Hibiscus Balm

 Meghan, NJ

THe The 

The Gotu Kola under eye cream is amazing and it smells so good too. 

                                 Cindy, TX

I'm loving the serum, eye cream and lip balm, my skin has never felt this amazing, it's seriously the best!

                                  Lindi, CA

Before adding Makana into my skincare routine, I struggled with cystic acne for years.  Using less on my face has made my breakouts more manageable and I've never been this confident in my bare skin. 

Annie, NJ

Tropical Flower
Wild Mushrooms
Leaf Pattern Design

I found that the Rice Bran mixes well with my bronzer, leaving my skin with the perfect glow. 

                              Francesca, NJ

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The Lip Love is amazing, After the Beach is even better! I burnt myself cooking, put ATB on it, my skin immediately felt relief and healing time was cut in half. 

                           Martha, CA

I'm really enjoying the eye and face balm. 

                                 Cindy, Hawaii

I love LOVE the serum & eye cream

                                   Maria, NJ

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