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About Us

Products made of ingredients from natural recourses.


Makana in Hawaiian means 



Makana Skincare, a small company that celebrates women, embraces the beauty of aging, and stands as a testament to the effectiveness of natural ingredients.


One of the prevailing misconceptions is the belief that handmade skincare lacks efficacy, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Natural ingredients offer a wealth of benefits, it's just a matter of putting your trust in their potential.


I've used a plethora of skincare products, from high-end to drugstore brands, all promising miraculous results but always coming up short. This frustrating experience led me to embark on a quest to find a better way, so I delved into research and experimentation, developing formulas that have been my personal skincare secrets for years.


My hope is that women will bid farewell to chemical-laden products and place their trust in the healing power of nature, embracing active, natural ingredients that unlock radiant, healthy skin. With Love~ Michelle

With love


Owner of Makana Skincare

Unleashing the Power of Nature

Natural Ingredients
Shea Butter
Gotu Kola Oil
Rice Bran Oil
Vitamin E
Coconut Oil
Non Toxic
No Chemicals
100% Natural
No Preservatives
No Parabens
No Alcohol
Hand Made
Made in small batches
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